About Hallmark

Hallmark Marketing is a Below The Line (BTL) Marketing Company established in 2011, whose sole aim is to Create Great Brand Experiences for our clients in and beyond Kenya. We are a team of passionate individuals who infuse their uniqueness into every campaign execution for brand success. Since every marketing campaign is different, we build each idea around smart targets balanced on uniquely ingenious ideas and a strong Return On Investment (ROI). Selfless collaboration and continuous growth have yielded some great experiential executions and award-winning ideas.

OUR History

Phase 1

Hallmark Advertising & Marketing was born as an OOH (Out Of Home) company to help brands gain visibility and share in the market space through creation of Visual TOMA.

Phase 2

After 2 years, it was clear that to change consumer behaviour, we needed to change how they felt about the brands, not just see them. HAM Experiential Marketing thus began with a focus on ensuring an ‘out of this world’ interaction with the brands we worked with to imprint lasting memorabilia in their consumers’ hearts and minds. This was to drive not just TOMA but the add on of selection into the cart and homes of buyers.

Phase 3

Phase 3 came as a no-brainer because we now not only had access to homes across the country but also required continuity of these brands within this space. For this to happen, Trade Marketing had to take the forefront and has since become the largest arm of the business. We believe in profitable business and delivering the same to our clients is key. We work both with the Modern Trade and General Trade channels to enhance availability and penetration of our principals’ brands.

New goals

In order to dance to the beat of time and to keep up within our industry, Technology is a must! We are not only quick to adapt but also to learn and harness the gains that digital RTM can achieve. Being Data Centric has morphed who we are now and how we do business with a fully fledged data science department.

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Our Services

We Grow and Display your Brand with Pride. We Are Hallmark Marketing.